Horror in the Flesh - EP

by Amoricide

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johnny jaco
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johnny jaco Good Thrash band from my home state of TX. Favorite track: Spiral of Death.
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This is our 2010 EP filled with horror-themed songs.... enjoy


released June 1, 2010



all rights reserved


Amoricide Fort Worth, Texas

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Track Name: Woman Killer
In the shadows you can't tell that I'm watching you
But how perfectly I do see
The dark is my cloak, an accomplice to my deeds
And it feeds pure evil to me

You never saw me creeping behind
Invisible I am shadows in the night
No chance to fight a knife against your throat
Scream just once and I'll make it slow
Your eyes go wide when you recognize me
Never imagined the evil you'd see
I've stalked you for weeks, I know where you live
Methodical plotting to rip your skin

You never knew I'm a woman killer

I take you to the place between the walls, in my house
Insulated walls will silence all, of your sounds
The lifeless remains of my other kills, on the ground
Their severed heads will never be found

In the name of bloodlust I condemn you to dust
A magnificent feeling of hate
The last thing left in the spirit of stillbirth
I remove your power to create

My dagger inserted through your gut
The only way to kill such a slut
Before you die there's something you should see
The horror I'll show you'll never believe
Your friend's here too, she's tied to the bed
Despite all the blood she's still not dead
I want you to see her slipping away
You'll be the next to feel this decay

The last thing you see I am your killer
Track Name: Spiral of Death
Tossing in my sleep as I watch them all die
Cold blooded brutality ending human life
Unseen killer is lurking before me
I cannot wake up from these torture dreams

Awakening the next day in the morning light
I find out that my killing dreams were no lies
Three more bloody contorted victims were found
Everyone I know is getting put into the ground

Projecting violence into frightful reality
Predicting murder and fearing for my sanity
Blood is spilled lives are lost based on what I see
Who's this killer and what does he want from me?

Last night I saw another evisceration
Into the world I expand this desecration
As I watcher her entrails falling onto the floor
There's one thing that I cannot put my finger on

Why am I the one to see all this gore?
All I want is to never see anymore
It's as if these dreams have come to be
And now I wake up with blood all over me

All at once I see the dreadful truth
The violent things I see are not figments of my dreams
My brain forced me to kill all my friends
My spiral of death has brought their end
Track Name: Soul Ripper
Invisible eyes and scaly skin
Spreading madness with abhorrent sin
Flapping wings will signal demise
Of your very soul and sanity's life
Piercing teeth not as sharp as his gaze
His mysterious sight will bring your end of days
Your mind's transfixed by what it can't know
And what you see now should never be shown

Light will not escape the infernal dark
As he starts to smile and tear out your heart
Never again to see beyond the evil void
Undying soul forever to be destroyed
Look into his eyes and feel the pain
Ethereal blade plunged into your brain
Consume your soul damned existence in him
Bound to hell wish for death
Soul Ripper

Supernatural death from unnatural hate
Assimilate life misery he creates
When he's through you're thrown in the abyss
Tortured silence eternal mental eclipse
Still you think you can hear him devour
Unending anguish through perpetual hours
Suffering death but you'll never die
Ceaseless torment in the void of his eyes

Look into his eyes and feel the pain
Ethereal blade plunged into your brain
Consume your soul damned existence in him
Bound to hell wish for death
Soul Ripper

Now your soul has been torn to shreds
And you wish that you could be dead
Trapped inside deceived by all that you knew
A catatonic state when others see you
Try to scream but you'll never be heard
The dimension you're in is no longer the third
Realization of doom will set in
Eternal madness and abhorrent sin
Track Name: Bleed from the Mouth (2010)
Moving rapidly without a sound
The serpent leech burrows through the ground
Grabbing your legs, ankles are breaking
Blood is dripping onto its ugly face

This is unreal
Too scared to scream

Puncturing the flesh it is draining out the blood
Spurting out in streams from your newest orifice
Squeezing even harder on the weakened cracking bones
Skeleton is pushing through the skin

Finally a scream, it brings no relief
Death approaching, pressure to the brain
Coughing sprays blood pulled halfway in the ground
Eyes pop out, skull is bulging with blood

This is unreal
Horror is exposed
Too scared to scream
Petrifying fear

Tentacle around the waste pressure castration
Blood spurting out in streams from every orifice
Skeleton is pushing through the pale bloodless skin
Pouring crimson, bleed from the mouth

This is unreal
Horror is exposed
No breath to scream
Bleed from the mouth